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Married Frontline Health Care Workers' Wrongful COVID-19 Death Lawsuit Reinstated by Appellate Division

“Indeed, the judge’s opinion was silent as to Susana’s direct claim against the Bergen defendants,” the opinion said. “Instead, the judge focused on Alfredo’s allegation the Palisades defendants compelled him to ‘reuse masks and gowns’ and whether Susana could prove her injuries were proximately caused thereby. In the absence of an analysis of Susana’s allegations, […]

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State Appellate Court Vacates Attorney's Sanctions for Presumed Use of Public Records

“She was seeking through her Petition to vindicate her right to the public records,” Tennessee Court of Appeals Judge Jeffrey Usman said. “In general, this is the definition of a proper purpose, and there does not appear to be any dispute that Ms. Reguli genuinely wanted to obtain these public records which she reasonably believed […]

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