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Texas Law TV® is part of the Law TV® Network, a video driven legal directory that features quality educational videos from some of the state’s premier law firms.

The legal directory includes a comprehensive listing for each law firm, including how to reach the firm directly or on social media.

Texas Law TV® also includes a legal glossary and both local and national blog feeds for the latest news and updates on the legal industry.

Some of the key topic areas and attorney types are personal injury attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, divorce and family law attorneys, bankruptcy law attorneys, disability law attorneys, business attorneys, real estate attorneys, estate planning attorneys and workers’ compensation attorneys.

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'Modification of Data Is Not Patent Eligible': Judge Sides With Google in Infringement Suit Over Mobile Device Geolocation Patents

Google filed a motion for judgment on the pleadings on the grounds that the patents are patent-ineligible subject matter pursuant to 35 U.S.C. Section 101, which states: “Whoever invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof, may obtain a patent therefor, subject […]

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