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Higher Law: State Voters Weigh Marijuana Measures | Firms Critique DEA Hemp Rules | Jason Klein Joins Rimon Law

Welcome to Higher Law! This week we’re looking at marijuana measures on state ballots, thousands of responses to DEA hemp rules, Rimon Law’s new cannabis law partner, and banks’ continued reluctance to serve marijuana clients. Thanks for reading!           Click Here To Read The Full Article

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Is It Over Yet? How The 2020 Election Is Politicizing, Stressing Out Legal Professionals

A Law.com survey found that the upcoming election is weighing heavily on legal professionals, and pushing many to openly express their political views. Still, political conflicts in the workplace are rare. Legal professionals’ personal lives, however, is another story.           Click Here To Read The Full Article

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Ex-Business Partner of Lev Parnas Pleads Guilty in Case Over Foreign Cash Funneled to US Campaigns

There was no indication that David Correia would be cooperating with prosecutors in the case, which is scheduled to go to trial March 1 in Manhattan federal court. However, he became the first defendant to plead guilty to new charges filed in the case stemming from the dealings of Fraud Guarantee Inc.,           Click Here […]

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