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Using Feedback To Improve Team Performance

The problem with giving feedback is that it often comes across as criticism. Human beings tend to react defensively, resulting in a denial of the feedback or worse, entrenchment in the behavior or attitude that may be derailing them in the first place. How can we give feedback in a way that minimizes defensiveness?         […]

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Judge: Insurer Must Defend, Indemnify Contractor Accused of Negligence in Building Collapse

“The underlying complaint alleges that as a result of Dello Russo’s faulty workmanship during renovations, the building partially collapsed, requiring the demolition of the remaining structure. In other words, the underlying complaint alleges that Dello Russo’s negligence caused an accident. Accordingly, the claims against Dello Russo allege ‘property damage’ caused by an ‘occurrence,’” the court […]

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Unauthorized, Volunteer-Related Transactions on Firm's Card Results in Attorney's Suspension

Haynes was a long-time volunteer with the WSBA and often traveled to attend meetings and conferences. She charged some WSBA-related volunteer expenses to one law firm’s credit card without prior authorization from the firm but failed to promptly notify and reimburse the law firm when she received direct reimbursement from the WSBA for those expenses, […]

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