Hi friends, and welcome back to our series of frequently asked questions. I’m Jim Adler, the Texas Hammer. Today we are going to talk about tanker trucks on the road and the importance of showing extreme caution when travelling near one.

A tanker truck is a large vehicle typically used to transport flammable materials such as fuel, chemicals, or other fluids between refineries, ports, terminals, and gas stations. Because of the nature of the highly flammable content, as well as the large size of tanker trucks, a car accident with a tanker truck is more dangerous than most types of accidents. It is likely to lead to catastrophic injuries such as burns, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones and other horrific injuries that may result in the need for lifetime medical care.

Blind spots are also an issue for tanker truck drivers. These drivers tend to have trouble seeing other vehicles in their blind spots because they are so big. As a driver on the road near one of these large vehicles, you should leave a distance to avoid being in their blind spot or just being hard to see from their side mirrors. These trucks can be seen on the road most often during long hauls or while transporting material from one location to another. Tanker trucks have much more driving time than other types of vehicles because they are specifically designed for heavy-duty work and carrying heavier loads.

If you are in an accident with a tanker truck, it is important that you contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. There are federal regulations that govern these trucks and drivers, and you will need an attorney that is familiar with these regulations and is also powerful enough to go up against the multiple companies that are likely to be involved in any personal injury claim that you file.

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