Hi everybody, and welcome back to our series of frequently asked questions. I’m Bill Adler. And today, we will talk about some of the jobs that have the biggest risk of serious injuries or even death. So, let’s dive right in.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that some of America’s most injury-prone and dangerous jobs involve working with heavy equipment or working in potentially hazardous locations such as on a rooftop or at sea. Some of the occupations that are particularly risky include construction workers; especially roofers, fisherman, pilots and flight engineers, ironworkers (who work high above the ground), law enforcement officers (because they may be injured by suspects they apprehend), firefighters (because their tasks often involve entering burning buildings) and people who work around moving machinery. This video will highlight just a few: roofers and other types of construction workers, derrick operators in oil, gas, and mining, and delivery drivers.

The biggest dangers existing for construction workers include falls from heights, being hit by objects that fall from above, getting caught in machinery, and electrocution.

Derrick operators typically work either on construction sites or on drilling rigs for the oil and gas industry. Their most significant risks are being exposed to crushing or jamming accidents, and falls into hazardous materials such as oil, gas, and mining.

Delivery drivers face the potential for vehicle crashes. The Covid pandemic has contributed to the volume of delivery services in operation because many people now do much less physical shopping and much more online ordering of their goods and services.

If you work at a dangerous job, it is essential that you are aware of the risks you are taking on so that you can take the necessary precautions to stay safe.

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