Did you know that the risk of being involved in a truck accident goes up during the holiday season? Well, if you didn’t know, here’s why.

Accidents with large trucks can be deadly. They’re so big that when they crash into ordinary vehicles, they can do serious damage. That risk is real at any time of year, but statistics show that it goes up during the winter holidays.

That’s partly because of the season. People shop more during the holidays, so stores stock up. All those products have to get to the stores, so more trucks need to be on the road making deliveries. Some of those trucks are driven by experienced drivers, but sometimes, trucking companies recruit brand-new drivers who aren’t as familiar with their vehicles or the roads they’re using. Because they’re new, those drivers are more likely to make a mistake.

At the same time, truckers are also more likely to be under tight delivery deadlines. Payment for a delivery is often tied to a certain deadline, so the trucking company loses money if it’s late. Trucking companies sometimes pass that pressure on to their drivers, encouraging them or even ordering them to skip their rest breaks, overload their trucks or drive under unsafe conditions. That’s both illegal and unsafe.

To make matters worse, the roads are generally more crowded during the holidays. That’s the time when people go to visit family, attend holiday gatherings or take vacations. All those extra vehicles, large and small, can crowd the highways, increasing the proximity between cars and 18-wheelers. That raises the risk of a serious crash.

And of course, you’re more likely to see dangerous weather like ice on the road in winter. This increases accident risk for everybody. But with commercial trucks, it’s even worse because of their size and the way they’re built. For example, a truck’s trailer can swing out at a 90-degree angle from the cab, leaving its lane. That’s called jackknifing, and it puts everybody on the road nearby in danger.

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