Updated 6/10/2022: We received a report of another scam. An attorney was referred a potential new client by another attorney who was called by that client about an employment issue. The client was claiming that he had entered a settlement agreement with a company because of a wrongful termination. The claim was he was asked by his supervisor to falsify some accounting records. He refused and, as a result, was fired. After blowing the whistle to HR, there was supposedly a settlement agreement reached.

The attorney was initially skeptical so asked the client to email them a copy of the settlement agreement. They reviewed the settlement agreement and it looked legitimate, as if the attorney had drafted it themselves. It was also specific to Texas in that it had a Texas choice of law provision. The attorney then signed up the potential new client. They asked the client, as they usually do, to send them any and all prior correspondence he had with his former employer regarding this matter. The client produced emails showing a chain of emails wherein he requested payment and was given reasons why payment was being delayed.