Update 12/2/22: We received a report of another scam. An attorney received an email from her online profile on texasbar.com coming from a Gmail account that read: “I send you 700.00 dollars and you said that I can get 60,000 in a grant and it’s been eight hours. Haven’t seen nothing yet. I guess I have to call your law firm.” The attorney said later that day, she received a call from the scammer on her personal cell phone. The scammer said he spoke to the attorney several times the day before (November 27). The attorney told the scammer that he did not speak to the attorney and that the scammer had reached the attorney’s personal cell. To this, the scammer’s response was, “Sorry, thank you, my mistake.” He immediately hung up. The attorney said she is not sure how the caller obtained her phone number. The scammer’s phone number was 210-584-0452 and caller ID showed the scammer’s name as Kenneth Lewis. The attorney described the incident as “a little unnerving.” She believes the scammer was attempting to impersonate her.

Update 6/28/22: We received reports of two more scams. Scammers are emailing attorneys through their online profiles on texasbar.com as phishing attempts. One targeted attorney received an email that states,”Hi, I work with MCJ ASSETS, LLC. We are a new surplus funds business wanting to operate in Galveston County. We have all legal documents, sales tax, and clients ready! We will like to work with you. If you’re interested we will like to run ALL excess proceeds recoveries through you, which means constant business! We will like to offer 10% of our profit from the recoveries. We will have all the documents completed. All we need is you to look over the documents and file the claim.”