Hi, everyone. I’m Bill Adler, and welcome back to another one of our frequently asked questions. Today, we’ll be discussing some of the common causes of road construction collisions and what to do if you are injured in one. We’ll talk about liability and protecting your rights to compensation and benefits.

Motor vehicle accidents can happen in a variety of ways. Road construction is one of those ways because roadwork can make it dangerous for drivers and construction workers alike.  According to federal statistics, each year, there are roughly 700 motorist fatalities in work zone accidents.  Texas ranks the worst in worker fatalities, leading the next highest state by almost 100 more deaths. There are many reasons why road construction zones are dangerous, including new traffic patterns, smaller spaces, and roadway debris. This is why Texas law places certain burdens and restrictions on construction companies to ensure that vehicles can make safe passage.

There are many common causes of road construction accidents where a motorist could be seriously injured or wrongfully killed. Most of these common causes involve the pure negligence of a construction worker or company, meaning that most personal injuries or wrongful deaths in road work zones are avoidable and needless.

Some of the most common causes of roadway construction accidents in Texas include the following:

– Holes or ruts in the roadway
– No flaggers to prevent vehicles from crossing into a dangerous area or going into a one-lane road
– Lack of barricade over hazards
– Improperly using a steel plate or other hole cover that is not strong enough to support a vehicle
– Inadequate lighting for motorists to see hazards or lighting in the face/eyes of a motorist making it harder to see
– Construction vehicles colliding with passenger vehicles
– Explosions, fires, or electrocution at a worksite
– Collisions with construction vehicles exiting or entering a zone
– Tight cones or barricades which cause collisions with other vehicles
– Falling debris from a work site
– Leaving holes, ruts, or channels exposed to motorists
– Improper repairs
– Roadway debris like rocks, sand, bricks, concrete, or other mediums could cause a motorist to lose control, and
– Other common causes that may negligently cause a serious car accident in Texas.

Road construction collisions are often some of the most serious and catastrophic collisions out of any type of motor vehicle wreck. If you or a loved one was seriously injured, or if a loved one was wrongly killed in a road construction collision, call Jim Adler & Associates for a FREE consultation. You can reach us at 800-567-7575. Or you can message us through our website. jimadler.com.