Hello everyone, and welcome back to our frequently asked questions. Today, we’re talking about how commercial truck accidents are different from regular auto accidents. Those differences can be very important in a crash between a big rig and a passenger car, so it pays to understand them.

A crash between a car and a large truck isn’t like a crash with another car. A truck can weigh more than 20 times what a sedan weighs, and in an accident, all that extra weight turns into extra force. The truck can do far more damage to a car than another car could, which means the car sustains far more damage, and the people inside can be very seriously injured.

As a result, deaths and catastrophic injuries are more common in crashes between commercial trucks and ordinary cars. After more than four decades as Texas injury lawyers, we’ve seen firsthand that our trucking accident clients frequently end up with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, serious burns or amputations.

Those are life-altering injuries that can lead to permanent disability from paralysis, brain damage and more. They are also extremely expensive to treat, which is another reason truck accidents are different. Catastrophic injuries usually require intensive medical treatment, often with follow-up care for some time. Any permanent disability is likely to require help adapting to the disability, and some may require lifelong care. The costs can get high very quickly.

Fortunately, another difference between car wrecks and semi truck accidents is that trucks are driven commercially. That means there’s a trucking company involved, and that company may be responsible for the crash. Crashes are a part of doing business for trucking companies, so companies tend to carry enough insurance to cover treatment even for a catastrophic injury. That means victims should be able to recover the compensation they need, in an insurance claim or a lawsuit.

However, because crashes are a part of the trucking business, some victims find that the trucking insurance company is willing to play dirty tricks to get out of paying what they owe. If you think this is happening to you, don’t wait to call Jim Adler & Associates for advice on what to do and how to protect your rights.

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